Lush’s Dark Angel

Here’s a favorite that I’d like to share with you.. I’ve actually been using this for awhile now and really enjoy it! Perfect for oily dull skin.

If you’re like me, I prefer natural products over chemically processed, so I love the fact that this is vegan. Thumbs up from me!

Texture is thick, a little sticky and crumbly. Lol! That’s my new word- A little goes a long way.. I believe I paid about $15 for this container and I’ve had it for almost a year? So, yeah you get your monies worth for sure.

This is a facial scrub, so don’t expect suds of any sort. Washes off fairly easy and does not leave residue behind. Scent wise.. I want to say a woodsy type of scent? Not strong or overbearing at all. It’s charcoal, so you can bet when you open it up you’ll be looking at a black substance.

How I heard about this was through IG. There was a lot of people raving about it and how it’s changed their skin. So, of course the person that I am, I had to try it for myself.. especially because my skin is combination and and geez.. who doesn’t want glowing skin? This product delivered as it stated!

May I add though.. I don’t have sensitive skin, but I imagine if someone who does were to use this daily compare to someone who doesn’t have sensitive skin may experience some dryness and possible flaking. I wouldn’t say you couldn’t use it, but rather use it maybe twice a week instead of daily.

Definitely something worth checking out.. again this is one of my 2017 faves! I will be doing a list of all my faves for 2017 maybe around the last week of December, so if you’re interested please stay tuned for more.

Also.. my next upcoming blog will be about Keranique Hair Care.

As, always thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


Falsies vs Lash Extensions

Grab a snack because this is a long one. Lol

I’ve been debating this post.. I’m not sure why really? As you can see I decided to.

I’m sure that there’s women everywhere who are curious and let me just say this is entirely just my opinion and experience.

Have you ever wondered? Or have you already made your decision? Can I just add that either or are not for everyone, it depends on the person, what look you’re going for and the amount of maintenance you’re willing to deal with.

For years I would wake up early to do two things: attempt that perfect winged liner and apply my falsies, in hopes I applied the adhesive evenly so my lashes won’t separate during the day. Oh.. and mothers can totally understand when I say it’s hard to have a steady hand when your kids are running in and out of your bathroom asking you questions or your toddler has a kung fu grip around your legs. It was always a struggle, but we can’t deny how put together we look when you’ve nailed it! Lol

I was looking for a way to cut out time from my hectic mornings.. I wanted that “I woke up like this” look. I did research on eyelash extensions and thought that would be my saving grace.

Apparently, my research was not as thorough as I thought. Let me get right into that..

Falsies come in all styles, whether you’re looking for a natural look or full blown glamour.. and then there’s those in betweens. There’s a ton of brands to choose from ranging from low cost to twenty something dollars (I’m sure theres more expensive ones out there). Then, there’s the most important part in my opinion.. the adhesive. Come on, we all know we need a fail proof adhesive and one that doesn’t break the bank. If you clean and care for your falsies, you can reuse them up to 20 times. So, if you buy a Red Cherry brand at $4 you’re getting a bang for your buck.

Now, on to lash extensions.. they come in all styles, lengths, curves and volume depending on the state of your natural lashes. Price point, you’re looking to pay anywhere from $99-$250. Yup, it’s a pretty penny alright! Here’s the thing.. I paid $172 for mine and don’t get me wrong I was absolutely in love with them, but then here’s the part I was blinded by. “Maintaining” these beauties, I mean you want to get your monies worth. If you wear makeup or skincare; ONLY oil free products can be used!! After every face wash and shower, lashes need to be dried with a hair dryer and gently brushed with a spoolie that your lash extension salon usually supplies you with. This is the part I personally don’t think is worth all the hype. Every 2-3 weeks your lashes need to be “retouched.” Retouched meaning going in and filling the gaps where your extensions have fallen out or have become twisted, I will definitely cover more of that. For those of you who don’t know, lash extensions are glued to our natural lashes and our lashes go through a growing cycle that causes the old ones to fall out. This can cost from $70 to $100 depending on how much “retouching” needs to be done. Forgot to mention removal fee is $15 or you could just use baby oil. lol

Here’s my conclusion: My decision is based on cost, maintenance, freedom to wear any makeup or use any skincare products that are not only oil free.

I’m sticking with my falsies!! They are more cost efficient and reusable at that, but you can also change up your looks on a daily from natural to glam lashes depending on your mood. So, you don’t need to wear the same look for a month. Don’t get me wrong, lash extensions are beautiful, but for me I’ll only be getting them for special occasions or when going on vacation. Not as an everyday thing!

Here’s my stand point on what the cons were for me: when my natural lashes would grow out the extensions would lose stability because when they are applied they are applied as close to the lash line as possible. I would end up with twisted wispy lashes when they grow out and have to constantly brush them to get them in order. After awhile, like a windy day.. my extensions were a hot mess! Lastly, in the long run I’m paying $300 a month for extensions??!! Ugh! Let’s compare that to falsies that cost about $10-20 a month.. money saved!

Hope you enjoyed this long blog.. hope that it’s given those of you out there who have been on the fence about it an understanding that extensions aren’t as peachy as we thought, there is careful maintenance required.

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are.


Rodan and Fields Regimens

Today I’d love to talk about North America’s #1 skincare brand.  I love their products so much that I became a consultant.

I’m not here to try to sell you these products, but rather talk about how amazing they are. Skincare breakthrough developed by two dermatologist. Many of you may be more familiar with Proactiv, the well known acne solution. Can you imagine these are the same dermatologist that created Proactiv? 

Currently, I am using the Redefine and Reverse regimen kits along with my AMP MD tool. I rotate them both everyday. Here they are pictured below.

Each regimen kit lasts for 3 months,  you can have them autoshipped if you sign up as a preferred customer, which also gives you a 10% discount. The pennies you pay and the results you get are astounding.

There’s something for everyone because not everyone has the same type of skin or concerns. Check out my Instagram to see more post on the different types.

I’ve been stopped and complimented on my glowing skin daily and I owe it all to the above. Best decision ever.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Peaches and Cream by Too Faced

A highly desired line (photo does not show the whole line) by Too Faced.

If you recently stopped by and read my blog on the “Just Peachy Palette” and seen the gorgeous swatches you’ll know I’m in love with this line and I’m sure many more are too.

In this photo I have the “Peach Perfect matte foundation”, “Just Peachy Palette” and the “Peach Perfect Setting Powder.” I’ll list the color and prices.

Peach perfect 14hr matte foundation in the color natural beige. $36.00 and Peach perfect mattifying loose powder $32

Let me just say the foundation lives up to the 14 hours of staying put and matte. I’ve tried it with the setting powder and without, both left impressive results. Now, as we women all know shade selection is very important! Unfortunately, this line only offers 11 shades. I am normally light to medium from Jan-June and then medium from then on… gotta get my natural sun glow on. Lol!! I will say that the natural beige I bought is a tad light for me at the moment, but I think once Fall rolls up (so excited for fall colors) it will be a perfect match. It’s nothing a little bronzer (I currently use The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer) can’t fix. I sure hope that TF will add more shades in the future.(Pictured above) Here it is blended out using just my good ol’ finger.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to play with the loose mattifying powder it has a peachy tone that blends out to a translucent color. I broke off the plastic inside cover it came with because honestly it was just getting in the way. I guess it’s just your general preference.

Overall, I am loving this line and hope to buy some of their other products. I’ve got my eye on their Peach kiss moisture matte longwear lipsticks (boy that was a mouth full), sweetie pie matte bronzer ( idk about you guys, but I’ve never owned a “matte” bronzer!? And last but not least, the Peach my cheeks “melting” powder blush. How interesting does that sound “melting”  blush sound. 

Well, enough of my blabbering.. Fall is coming and I’d recommend these. All these products from this line smell delicious, feel good on your skin and are exclusively found at Sephora. Total “NAY” for me!!

If you’ve enjoyed this, please follow for more.. Thanks for reading! Cheers!!

Sonia Kashuk Eye Brush Set

It’s been a minute.. I’ve been on the hunt for a new set of makeup brushes. I’m not picky, as long as the brushes are soft, no shedding and does the job I’m a happy beauty junkie.

I’ve read some great reviews about Sonia Kashuk brushes and picked it up at my local Target, I believe it was about $20!? Kinda pricey for just that many and being a drug store brand.

Now let’s get down to business. Lol! These brushes are so soft and amazing when applying makeup. I kinda enjoyed the natural look of the handles too. However, I am not a fan of the shape of these handles. Yes, they do sit better in a cup or brush container because they’re able to fan out, but giiiirl.. once you put that brush down on the table, counter or vanity these beauties rolled right off. I was not a very happy person chasing and dropping brushes when I’m trying to get my face beat.

Final thoughts.. regardless if these brushes are soft, I cannot get deal with rolling brushes and the price point for drugstore brand. This buy was a “nay” for me.

I will continue my search and have my eye on several ones by BH Cosmetics, Tarte and Royal & Langernickle Moda brushes. I will post a review once I’ve bought and tried them out. You can find out first by following me on Instagram @jun_ko13

If you have a brush set you absolutely love please do share.

Thank you again for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed! Cheers-

Too Faced Peaches and Cream Matte palette.

If you know me, I am obsessed with anything Peach. Too Faced has done an amazing job with their first Peach palette that took the world by storm… When I heard about the “peaches and cream” line coming out, I couldn’t stand waiting!

I bought it on Sephora with their early launch and no regrets! Shipping was fast.

I think these colors are perfect for fall coming up and I can just imagine the endless looks to create. 

Pigment is so beautiful and very blendable. When I swatched it on my arm I thought some were or shall I say “looked” chalky. When applied with a brush on a nicely primed lid, it glides on. I didn’t notice any fall out either.

You guessed it, this palette smells heavenly! Imagine the smell of a warm baked Peach pie. I wondered what the soft spice smell was and found out it’s fig. This matte line is infused with peaches and fig cream that contains antioxidants and it keeps skin hydrated.

At $45 and 12 eyeshadows later.. not to mention it comes with a helpful glamour guide to give you some ideas on looks to create. On the Sephora site they have a tip that you can use the darker shades as a liner; talk about versatile and perfect as a traveling palette.

I’ve been asked which palette do I like better.. I guess that’s a fair, but difficult question. Hmm… I choose the Sweet Peach palette. Only because I can use that one as an everyday palette from day to night looks.

So ladies and gents.. this palette is a “yay” for me and it’s definitely something anyone could enjoy, Peach goes well with most skin tones.

Thanks for stopping by. Please follow for more product reviews. Cheers!

Caudalie Glow Set

Hellooo.. it’s good to be back!

Today’s topic is the Caudalie Glow Set I picked up from Sephora using my Beauty Insider points. Sorry, I can’t remember how much points it was.

Let’s get to it.. I tried their elixir spray and absolutely love it, I spray it on every night. So, when I saw this set I imagined it would be just as awesome. 

I have combination skin and even though I really don’t think I have sensitive skin, some of these products actually caused me to break out (making a sad face). In fact the only product from this set that I enjoyed was the moisturizing sorbet. However, it wasn’t all bells and whistles for me- you know.. nothing that had a “wow” factor. I personally would not purchase any of these products again.

It’s not to say it wouldn’t work fine for someone else though. Texture of products were not sticky and have a nice sweet scent. The face wash left my face feeling clean and tight, if you’re into that sorts. Lol

I guess for me some of their products were a hit and miss. I have yet to try the other products, hopefully they’re available in travel or deluxe size to test first.

Well, hope this helps someone out! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cheers