Peek Eye Shadow Primer

Hello and welcome back…. sorry I’ve been gone for too long! I’ve missed blogging so much.

First off, let me start by saying “yes, it is black!” I didn’t think this would work being that it’s black… benefit of the doubt right? I mean that’s what we order Ipsy Glambags for, to try different products, right?! 

Packaging (smh!) it’s so dang tiny like the size of a quarter possibly…. really Peek Beauty?? At first I thought I couldn’t open it because of my claws. My daughter couldn’t open it either. We tried prying it open, I tried biting it open (teeth marks on cover) and nothing! We had to get a plier to pinch it and a screw driver to jam it. Was it worth it? Hell no!!

Texture is like car grease (laughing) I’m not sure if many of you beauties out there can relate… I use to work in an automotive department. Goes on like grease. When I applied eyeshadow over it…. (rolling my eyes) absolutely nothing happen except a tacky mess that in summer heat would slide off your eyelids and give you an Edward Scissor hands look (I love Edward Scissor hands), but I don’t want to look like that.

This product is seriously a MISS!! I dislike it so much I want to cancel my subscription. Lately I’ve been getting some pretty epic fails!

Alright, thanks for stopping by. Hope you all enjoyed. Until next time.


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