Caudalie Glow Set

Hellooo.. it’s good to be back!

Today’s topic is the Caudalie Glow Set I picked up from Sephora using my Beauty Insider points. Sorry, I can’t remember how much points it was.

Let’s get to it.. I tried their elixir spray and absolutely love it, I spray it on every night. So, when I saw this set I imagined it would be just as awesome. 

I have combination skin and even though I really don’t think I have sensitive skin, some of these products actually caused me to break out (making a sad face). In fact the only product from this set that I enjoyed was the moisturizing sorbet. However, it wasn’t all bells and whistles for me- you know.. nothing that had a “wow” factor. I personally would not purchase any of these products again.

It’s not to say it wouldn’t work fine for someone else though. Texture of products were not sticky and have a nice sweet scent. The face wash left my face feeling clean and tight, if you’re into that sorts. Lol

I guess for me some of their products were a hit and miss. I have yet to try the other products, hopefully they’re available in travel or deluxe size to test first.

Well, hope this helps someone out! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cheers


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