Sonia Kashuk Eye Brush Set

It’s been a minute.. I’ve been on the hunt for a new set of makeup brushes. I’m not picky, as long as the brushes are soft, no shedding and does the job I’m a happy beauty junkie.

I’ve read some great reviews about Sonia Kashuk brushes and picked it up at my local Target, I believe it was about $20!? Kinda pricey for just that many and being a drug store brand.

Now let’s get down to business. Lol! These brushes are so soft and amazing when applying makeup. I kinda enjoyed the natural look of the handles too. However, I am not a fan of the shape of these handles. Yes, they do sit better in a cup or brush container because they’re able to fan out, but giiiirl.. once you put that brush down on the table, counter or vanity these beauties rolled right off. I was not a very happy person chasing and dropping brushes when I’m trying to get my face beat.

Final thoughts.. regardless if these brushes are soft, I cannot get deal with rolling brushes and the price point for drugstore brand. This buy was a “nay” for me.

I will continue my search and have my eye on several ones by BH Cosmetics, Tarte and Royal & Langernickle Moda brushes. I will post a review once I’ve bought and tried them out. You can find out first by following me on Instagram @jun_ko13

If you have a brush set you absolutely love please do share.

Thank you again for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed! Cheers-


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