Peaches and Cream by Too Faced

A highly desired line (photo does not show the whole line) by Too Faced.

If you recently stopped by and read my blog on the “Just Peachy Palette” and seen the gorgeous swatches you’ll know I’m in love with this line and I’m sure many more are too.

In this photo I have the “Peach Perfect matte foundation”, “Just Peachy Palette” and the “Peach Perfect Setting Powder.” I’ll list the color and prices.

Peach perfect 14hr matte foundation in the color natural beige. $36.00 and Peach perfect mattifying loose powder $32

Let me just say the foundation lives up to the 14 hours of staying put and matte. I’ve tried it with the setting powder and without, both left impressive results. Now, as we women all know shade selection is very important! Unfortunately, this line only offers 11 shades. I am normally light to medium from Jan-June and then medium from then on… gotta get my natural sun glow on. Lol!! I will say that the natural beige I bought is a tad light for me at the moment, but I think once Fall rolls up (so excited for fall colors) it will be a perfect match. It’s nothing a little bronzer (I currently use The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer) can’t fix. I sure hope that TF will add more shades in the future.(Pictured above) Here it is blended out using just my good ol’ finger.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to play with the loose mattifying powder it has a peachy tone that blends out to a translucent color. I broke off the plastic inside cover it came with because honestly it was just getting in the way. I guess it’s just your general preference.

Overall, I am loving this line and hope to buy some of their other products. I’ve got my eye on their Peach kiss moisture matte longwear lipsticks (boy that was a mouth full), sweetie pie matte bronzer ( idk about you guys, but I’ve never owned a “matte” bronzer!? And last but not least, the Peach my cheeks “melting” powder blush. How interesting does that sound “melting”  blush sound. 

Well, enough of my blabbering.. Fall is coming and I’d recommend these. All these products from this line smell delicious, feel good on your skin and are exclusively found at Sephora. Total “NAY” for me!!

If you’ve enjoyed this, please follow for more.. Thanks for reading! Cheers!!


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